Kaarin Lund, MPH

Lead Program Specialist
Headshot of Kaarin Lund

Kaarin Lund began her work with The Center in 2019 and currently serves as Senior Community Program Specialist on the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRHCSD) Program. As a member of the DRCHSD team, she assists rural health care organizations and communities in developing a sustainable population health outlook, leads community paramedicine programming, and directs educational trainings for community champions.

She has a background in research, evaluation, public health, community health needs assessments, strategic planning, and health education. Kaarin has worked alongside community members, school administration, county health departments, hospital administration, and the U.S. Army to help identify and address community health needs.

Kaarin has a background in cancer research and has co-authored publications available on ResearchGate:

Kaarin received her Master of Public Health with a focus in Infectious Diseases from Kansas State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from North Park University.

She resides in Enterprise, AL with her husband and three kids and enjoys reading, time outdoors, and visiting family.