TASC 90 webinars are topic-specific to provide educational outreach to state Flex Programs. In addition to educational content and peer sharing, TASC 90 webinars also include updates from the Technical Assistance and Services Center (TASC), Rural Quality Improvement Technical Assistance (RQITA), the Flex Monitoring Team (FMT), and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), to include both the Flex Program and policies impacting critical access hospitals.

TASC 90 webinars occur quarterly. The intended audience for the live events is the State Office of Rural Health Directors, Flex Program Coordinators, and supporting staff. The events are recorded and can be made available to others who find the content of interest. Recordings and supporting materials are posted publicly on this website. 

TASC 90 webinars are supported by FORHP and coordinated by TASC, a program of the National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center).

Past Webinars

The topic of this TASC 90 webinar was analyzing CAH financial status post-COVID from a state and national level.
The topic of this TASC 90 was Workforce: Recruitment and Retention.
The topic of this webinar was Flex Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Wrap Up.
By attending this TASC 90 webinar, participants learned how to be able to explain what NEMSIS is and what data is available, discovered how Flex Programs can access and use NEMSIS data, how to recognize the process the data goes through from entry to availability on the NEMSIS website, and how to understand how NEMSQA works with NEMSIS.
Explain various models of care to critical access hospitals (CAH) and stakeholders. Recognize the importance of implementing new models of care in a rapidly changing health care industry. Identify resources that guide CAHs toward the implementation of new models of care
Identify CAH financial pain points post-Covid and with inflation. Utilize tools and resources to provide financial guidance and support to CAHs. Recall services and contacts for CAHs to utilize for financial assistance when facing potential closure.

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