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Texas State Flex Program

What is one Core Competency your state Flex Program is working on developing through Flex activities?

Core Competency: Strengthening Quality Reporting and Improvement

The Texas Flex Program continues to work with our partners to provide technical assistance to our CAH hospitals to ensure they are meeting conditions of participation. Our focus is on those hospitals that are at risk due to high turnover rates and workforce shortages. We are working to expand our Quality Improvement Program content by providing annual Quality bootcamps. We will also be hosting a one-day training event open to nurses in leadership roles at critical access hospitals. The goal is to provide education relating to the executive role to better prepare nurses with limited experience to take on that role within their organization.

What is one activity your state is funding through SHIP?

The Texas SHIP Program provides many grants to rural hospitals to select from a menu of eligible activities to best meet their needs. Most recently SHIP used funding to host statewide education opportunities such as the Critically Ill Patient Training with 250 healthcare professionals attending. 

Type of Organization State Government
Staffing (FTE) 9
Number of CAHs 88


Organization Contacts

Trent Engledow

State Office Director, Texas
(512) 463-6121

Trent has served as Texas' State Office Director since 2016.

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Eva Cruz

Flex Coordinator, Texas
(512) 963-7880

Eva has served as Texas' Flex Coordinator since 2022.

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Jake Stukenberg

Rural Health Specialist, Texas

Jake has served with Texas' Flex Program since 2023. 

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David Rivera

Rural Health Specialist, Texas
(512) 785-0374

David has served with Texas' Flex Program since 2023. 

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