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Top Flex Activities

Program Area: Support for Quality Improvement: 

The Mississippi State Office of Rural Health (MS SORH) has contracted with a consulting group to provide technical assistance on the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP) to all 31 critical access hospitals (CAHs). This technical assistance includes hospital site visits if required, and hospital staff education on MBQIP measures and reporting requirements. MBQIP technical assistance is measured by the number of CAHs participating in the activity and improvements in outcomes.

Please share a success story about reporting quality data or using quality data to help Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in your state improve patient care: 

MS SORH received a national award from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy for having all 32 (at the time) CAHs reporting the MBQIP transitions of care measure. 

Program Area: Support for Financial and Operational Improvement: 

MS SORH is subcontracting to improve financials through a market comparison pricing analysis activity and a market assessment activity. These activities will be measured by the number of CAHs participating. For operational improvement, the office will subcontract with a consulting group to perform outmigration analysis. This activity is measured over the long term by increased market share.

Program Area: Support for Population Health Management and Emergency Medical Services Integration: 

MS SORH has subcontracted with a local vendor for Chronic Care Management (CCM) education and analysis. The subcontractor will provide an evaluation of actions and capability towards Medicare-focused care plans and profile the hospital service area for citizens that suffer from chronic diseases. The CCM activity is measured by the number of CAHs that have the CCM evaluation performed and the number of CAHs that implement a CCM Program.

Please provide information about any efforts to assist CAHs/communities and partner organizations in the transition to value-based care: 

This will occur through education in the network meetings.

Please provide information about network activities in your state to support Flex Program activities (such as financial improvement networks, CAH quality networks, operational improvement with CEOs or EHR workgroups): 

MS SORH will subcontract to provide three financial network meetings to share best practices and provide education on the transition to value-based purchasing. This activity will be measured by change in days in accounts receivables.

Program Statistics

What type of organization is your Flex office housed in?: 
State Government
What is the number of full time employees (FTE) in your Flex office?: 
How many CAHs are in your state?: 
Do you have any hospitals interested in converting to CAH status?: 

Additional Information

Flex Program Staff

Rozelia Harris
State Office Director, Mississippi
(601) 576-7216

State Office Director since May 2005 

Michael Jones
Administrative Support Assistant, Mississippi
(601) 576-7216

Administrative Support Assistant since January 2009 

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