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Upcoming HELP Webinar

Improve Quality Outcomes with ACOs and 340B

August 23, 2022

Even though many covered entities (CE) act as the primary care provider, they often only claim 340B prescriptions written by their doctors in their CE locations, missing many of the prescriptions written on their patients by other prescribers. Since 1996, the Health Resources and Services Administration has allowed CEs to claim referral prescriptions if the CE is actively managing the patient's condition before and after the prescription as long as the relationship is documented in the EMR, and a contract exists with the referring provider.

Upcoming Rural HIT Coalition

Public Health Infrastructure Modernization

August 29, 2022

Describe the policy and technical barriers facing robust public health data sharing. Recognize recent state and federal efforts to overcome the public health information silos that exist. Identify how Flex Programs can better access critical public health information, particularly in their population health efforts.

Upcoming Flex Program Telehealth Webinars

Alternative Origination Sites for Rural Telehealth

August 30, 2022

Describe telehealth origination sites and common rural alternatives. Relate what a telehealth visit looks like for the patient from an alternative site such as a library. Discuss the positive impact on health equity and patient access. List examples of rural alternative origination sites.

Upcoming Webinar

DRCHSD RPM Billing and Coding Webinar

September 1, 2022

Virtual Training - Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – New Changes Effective in the 2021 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule

Upcoming Workshop

DRCHSD 2022 Virtual Summit

September 13, 2022 to September 14, 2022

The focus of the Delta Region Community Health System's Development (DRCHSD) 2022 Summit is to address current issues, learn from peer best practices and adapt in a rapidly changing health care environment. The purpose of this event is to provide DRCHSD participating health care organizations with a collaborative learning environment to make connections, share best practices, and gather lessons learned to empower and support participating organizations. Through presentations and interactive discussions, participants will be able to improve and strengthen their organizations.

Upcoming Webinar

Rural Healthcare Provider Transition Project Kick-Off Webinar

September 15, 2022

Please join us to learn further details on the new Rural Healthcare Provider Transition Project, eligibility requirements to participate, details regarding the application process, as well as an overview of technical assistance that will be provided to selected applicants.