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Upcoming Webinar

DRCHSD Fall Communication Webinar Series Part 1: Free Communications Toolkit and Vaccine Resources

October 21, 2021

Learn about the DRCHSD Customizable Communications Toolkit, available for use in health care community outreach and education communications. These materials focus on communicating information and confidence in services, available to immediately download and customize. In addition, the presenters will share a recently developed vaccine communications toolkit.

Upcoming Rural HIT Coalition


October 26, 2021

Explain why health care is targeted by cyberattacks, who the attackers are, and the potential implications. Recognize the top cyber threats to health care organizations such as critical access hospitals (CAHs) and rural health clinics (RHCs). Discuss how health care organizations can practice preparedness and what to do in case of a cyberattack.

Upcoming Webinar

DRCHSD Fall Communication Webinar Series Part 2: Building your Reputation: Internally, Externally, and Online

October 28, 2021

Health care is consumer-driven, and prospective patients make decisions based on many factors including cost, access, quality, experience, and their connection to us. These patients, or consumers, identify with the messages and overall image you create for your organization; it’s so much more than a logo or your colors, although those are important too.

Upcoming Workshop

FORHP Flex Program Virtual Workshop

November 1, 2021 to November 10, 2021

The goal of the FORHP Flex Program Virtual Workshop is to provide new or existing Flex Program staff an orientation to the Flex Program. Attendance at this event is open only to state Flex grantees.

Upcoming Webinar

DRCHSD Fall Communication Webinar Series Part 3: Building Loyalty by Targeting your Message to Various Generations

November 4, 2021

Health care communications can be a challenge when trying to reach a specific audience. Understanding generational behaviors and mindsets can equip you with the knowledge you need to meet your audience where they are. Communication strategies must be established that reflect the nuances of the multigenerational, multicultural, and bilingual homes in the communities you serve.

Past Events

Past Flex Program Telehealth Webinars

Telehealth Policy

April 26, 2021

Recall the usual elements of telehealth reimbursement policy. Recognize pre-COVID telehealth policy. Explain how the public health emergency (PHE) has affected telehealth policy. Describe other federal developments around telehealth policy. Summarize effects of PHE-related telehealth changes on rural health care organizations.

Past Flex Virtual Knowledge Group

Impact of Increased Telehealth Use on Quality, Finance, and Value-Based Care

April 16, 2021

Describe the financial and quality impacts of rural hospital and clinic telehealth use. Express market protection concerns for rural hospitals from non-traditional competitors with broad increased use and acceptance of telehealth. Recognize enhanced access to health care for rural patients. Recognize the benefits of telehealth use in value-based payment models.
Recall peer Flex Program experiences with telehealth initiatives

Past MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

State Flex Program Quality Improvement Project Brainstorming

April 15, 2021

Participate in group sharing of ideas regarding the Quality Improvement project for this year’s Flex NCC. Hear updates regarding CMS Hospital Star Ratings and electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs). Hear general MBQIP updates.

Past Conference Call

April National Rural HIT Coalition Call

April 13, 2021

This call will include an update on state and federal HIT legislation and regulations as well as topics to be determined for discussion.

Past Webinar

Providing an Excellent Patient Experience: 1 of 3

April 8, 2021

In the first DRCHSD Patient Experience session, participants will develop an understanding of HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) and other patient experience surveys.

Past Workshop

FORHP Flex Program Virtual Workshop

March 29, 2021 to April 5, 2021

The goal of the FORHP Flex Program Virtual Workshop is to provide new or existing Flex Program staff an orientation to the Flex Program. Attendance at this event is open only to state Flex grantees.

Past Webinar

Flex Program FY21 Non-Competing Continuation (NCC)

March 25, 2021

The purpose of this webinar was to provide guidance on the Flex Program NCC Progress Report due Friday, May 14th. The Flex Program FY21 Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) Progress Report will be available in EHB on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 and will be due in EHB on Friday, May 14, 2021.

Past Webinar

Analytics to Measure Your Telehealth Outcomes

March 25, 2021

View the sixth session in the DRCHSD Program Telehealth Webinar Series which will focus on data that can be used to help healthcare providers make better decisions about telehealth services.

Past Webinar

Industry-based Telehealth Programs

March 18, 2021

View the fifth session in the DRCHSD Program Telehealth Webinar Series which will focus on examples of hospitals and clinics working with local industries to provide care through telehealth.

Past Webinar

Achieving Health Equity

March 11, 2021

Critical Access Hospitals are the primary source of health care in many diverse and changing communities. They play a central role in addressing health equity. Understanding of the drivers of inequities can assist health care workers in better meeting the health care needs of their community. Listen to the panel of experts as they discuss strategies to achieve health equity.

Past Webinar

Post-COVID Patient Transitions

March 11, 2021

View the fourth session in the DRCHSD Program Telehealth Webinar Series which will focus on patient transition post-COVID and how telehealth can support these transitions.

Past Webinar

Maintaining Momentum Through Purpose

March 4, 2021

In this webinar, we’ll walk through a typical project “engagement lifecycle” outlining common points for dips in motivation. We’ll explore ways that you as project leaders can help yourselves and your community partners stay engaged during these dips by reconnecting with a sense of purpose. You’ll also hear how other organizations have addressed challenges common at this stage in your project.

Past Webinar

Intentional Communications: Creating a Communications Plan

February 24, 2021

Learn about a framework for developing a communications plan and how to craft key messages. Tools are introduced for understanding the “audience” of your message and determine the project's positive effects on them. The various components of the communication plan framework are explained.

Past Flex Program Telehealth Webinars

Telehealth 101

February 24, 2021

Learn basic telehealth concepts. Understand telehealth regulatory changes and waivers during and after COVID. Identify ways that Flex programs can support the telehealth needs of CAHs and RHCs in their state. Understand how increased telehealth use could impact finances, quality improvement measures, and movement to value-based care and population health.

Past Rural HIT Coalition

Information Integration Efforts in Rural and Rural Tele-Mental Health

February 19, 2021

View a summary from the National Rural HIT Coalition meeting with state and federal updates. Discussion topics included HIT updates related to telehealth, COVID-19, infrastructure/ broadband, information integration efforts in rural, and rural tele-mental health initiatives.