Upcoming Events

Upcoming Flex Program Telehealth Webinars

Telehealth in the Rural Hospital Emergency Department

November 30, 2021

Identify what telemedicine services consist of in a rural hospital ED. Recall evaluation results related to the effectiveness of tele-ED for rural hospitals. Relate the value of adoption and efficient use of tele-ED from a critical access hospital perspective. Identify resources available to hospitals related to tele-ED.

Upcoming Flex Virtual Knowledge Group

Provider-Based Rural Health Clinics

December 1, 2021

Identify current issues facing RHCs. Identify opportunities for Flex Programs to help support efforts related to provider-based RHCs. Pinpoint where to find resources to support state Flex Program activities with provider-based RHCs.

Upcoming Webinar

FORHP Fireside Chat

December 2, 2021

Discuss expectations for the Flex Year 3 QI Project, including the Quality Innovation Labs, and get questions to Q Project questions. Hear updates on MBQIP, including eligibility requirements for Flex Program Year 4, and share feedback with FORHP on MBQIP, QILs, and other QI needs in your state.

Upcoming Rural HIT Coalition

Artificial Intelligence in Rural Health Care

December 7, 2021

Define artificial intelligence and its relevance to health care. Discuss the application of it and machine learning to rural health care. Explain how to support Flex Programs in creating an awareness of artificial intelligence for their CAHs and RHCs.

Upcoming Webinar

SHIP Fiscal Year 2022 NCC Guidance Webinar

December 8, 2021

Receive guidance for the Fiscal Year 2022 Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) Progress Report. Understand the requirements, templates, and relevant resources for the FY2022 NCC Progress Report.

Upcoming TASC 90 Webinar

Flex Program Outcome Measures

December 9, 2021

Learn from the Flex Monitoring Team about potential outcome measures for activities in the Operational & Financial Improvement Flex Program area. Hear from State Flex Programs on implementation of outcome measures in Flex Program activities. Engage in conversation about the future and feasibility of outcome measurement in the Flex Program.

Past Events

Past SRHT HELP Webinar

Four Guiding Principles for Health Care Managers

October 5, 2011

Learn tips for health care managers to model professional behavior at all times and minimize behaviors that put themselves, and the organization, at risk. Operating fairly and legally is essential.

Past SRHT HELP Webinar

Leadership Achieving Revenue Cycle Excellence

June 29, 2011

This presentation discusses the attributes of effective leadership in revenue cycle operations, including the importance of consistency, alignment and accountability among leaders and employees.