Strategy Map and BSC Learning Collaborative Recordings

May 2019
National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)

The Center created the SRHT Selected Hospital Learning Collaborative (LC) to support selected hospitals with developing and implementing a Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard (BSC). A series of five Learning Collaborative (LC) webinar recordings with rural hospitals and experts guiding them through a process to use the downloadable, pre-filled templates to develop and tailor their own Balanced Scorecard (BSC) & Strategy Map. The recordings also include educational slides from our subject matter experts and facilitated hospital discussion. The LC topics are outlined below:

The objective was for leaders to apply the Strategy Map and BSC Template Adoption Steps outlined in the Summit Guide to develop a Strategy Map and BSC by the end of the LC. Through the five LC sessions, hospitals:

  • Recognized the need to demonstrate value and the future in health care
  • Learned about and utilize resources to identify focus areas for strategy
  • Used the templates to develop a Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
  • Developed metrics for the BSC to drive performance
  • Applied best practice tools from the Rural Hospital Toolkit for Transitioning to Value-based Systems to support the implementation of consultant recommendations to operationalize the transition strategies developed within the Strategy Map