2023 Flex Program Reverse Site Visit

Washington DC,
National Rural Health Resource Center

The Technical Assistance and Services Center (TASC), supported by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), and in partnership with the Reverse Site Visit (RSV) Planning Committee, is excited to announce the dates, theme, and learning objectives for the 2023 Flex Program Reverse Site Visit: Great Connections, Great Success. 

By attending the Flex Program Reverse Site Visit, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the future direction of the Flex Program
  • Identify opportunities to implement promising practices and lessons learned by CAHs and state Flex Programs, particularly related to performance improvement
  • Strengthen the leadership of state Flex Programs

Event Materials  

Keynote Slides:

2023 RSV Keynote: Advancing Health Equity for All (Joy Lewis) (2.21 MB)

Policy and Regulatory Slides:

2023 RSV Panel: Rural Policy and Regulatory Updates (2.34 MB)

Breakout Slides:

2023 RSV Breakout: Building a Finance Network (2.45 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Community Health Workers or Community Paramedics? (3.1 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Crossroads, Where Flex and SHIP Meet (3.67 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Driving Forward, Innovative EMS (3 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Evaluating Data for Progress (1.72 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Everyday Evaluation (5.76 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Exploring Equity Through Readmission Reductions (2.61 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: MBQIP Site Visits/North Dakota Flex (3.5 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Outcomes from Quality Improvement Initiatives (1.78 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Planning Ahead (Nevada) (6.93 MB)


2023 RSV Breakout: Population Health, Reviewing Successes (1.62 MB)


RSV 2023 Breakout: So, They Want to be a CAH (850.87 KB)


Upcoming Events

This kick-off call will highlight the upcoming National CAH Quality Inventory and Assessment, which helps CAHS identify the core elements of CAH quality infrastructure and criteria necessary for successful quality efforts.
Please join us for our next TASC 90. The topic of this webinar will be Workforce: Recruitment and Retention.

Fall 2023 Flex Program Workshop

The goal of the Flex Program Workshop is to provide new or existing Flex Program staff and state office of rural health directors an orientation to the Flex Program. This in-person event will cover multiple topics relevant to the Flex Program.