What is Population Health?

Population health is defined as the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group. These groups are often either geographically defined or defined as a specific group of individuals. The successful health care organizations of the future will be those who simultaneously deliver excellent quality of care, at lower total costs, while improving the health of both the geographic and targeted populations.

This Population Health Portal, created in cooperation with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, helps critical access hospitals, Flex Coordinators and rural health networks navigate the journey towards improved population health.

Get Motivated

To create a movement toward wellness, participate in population health strategies. Become a movement leader and learn how to enhance the board, leadership team and community awareness, understanding and planning for the transition towards population health.

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Get Informed

Access tools, resources and case studies on collecting data, assessing information and establishing workflow and communication processes designed to deliver excellent quality of care, at lower total costs, while improving health outcomes in the journey towards population health.

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Get Going

Acquire tools and resources that inspire staff to effectively demonstrate and communicate wellness with patients, the community and partners for a culture change toward improved population health outcomes.

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Put Data to Use

Learn how to effectively conduct population health analytics with access to a web-based database for acquiring health data specific to your location. This tool also consists of educational modules offering step-by-step instructions of common population health analytical procedures.

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Readiness Assessment

Where are you in the journey towards population health? Complete the Critical Access Hospital Population Health Readiness Assessment to connect with tools and resources targeted towards rural health organizations’ unique strengths and needs for transitioning towards population health. These tools and resources are targeted at each milestone of the journey: Get Motivated, Get Informed and Get Going.

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