A Leader's Role

June 2020
National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)

Podcast release date: July 7, 2020

In this third episode of Managing from the Middle: Leading Through Change 6-part podcast series, we explore leaders’ primary responsibilities throughout the change process. Joining the conversation are Jessica Camacho with Roosevelt General Hospital in New Mexico, and Shannon Studden, Senior Program Specialist with the National Rural Health Resource Center.

"Our role is to be the comforter; it’s going to be okay; I’m going to hold your hand. I have to adjust my management style to each person."

~Jessica Camacho

Podcast Guests:

Jessica Camacho, Director of the Business Office at Roosevelt General Hospital

Jessica Camacho is the Director of the Business Office at Roosevelt General Hospital (RGH) in Portales, New Mexico. She has worked at RGH for 15 years, 10 years in a leadership role. Jessica is passionate about creating a wonderful place to work while having high expectations for performance. She describes her leadership style a servant leader, feeling that it is extremely important to set the right example and serve her team. Work is play for her as she loves her job.      



Shannon Studden, Senior Program Specialist, National Rural Health Resource Center

Shannon Studden provides education, coaching, and technical assistance to leaders of rural hospitals and rural health networks. Throughout her career, she has supported leaders’ development in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, change management, and collaboration. She holds a Masters's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

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