Training Podcasts to Engage Patients and Motivate Staff

January 2018
National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center)

These podcasts compliment a one-hour webinar playback and slides

Use the first two podcasts to help educate frontline staff in meetings and trainings. The third podcast is a coaching model that leadership can use to close the loop of accountability.

Podcast Speaker: Rhonda L. Barcus, MS, Program Specialist II, National Rural Health Resource Center

Podcast 1: Intention-Connection-Action (13 minutes)

Only after I’m clear about my intention and I’ve connected with the patient, do I carry out any tasks of the job such as checking vitals, medications, etc.

Podcast 2: The Five ‘P’s to Anticipate Needs (12 minutes)

Teach staff a model to address patient needs proactively to impact patient satisfaction while saving staff time.

Podcast 3: Coaching Model to Close the Loop of Accountability (14 minutes)

Learn a simple but effective coaching model for leaders to improve staff performance.