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The Population Health Toolkit brings together tools and information to support improving your awareness as your organization journeys into population health management. We believe that the future of health care depends on creating a movement toward wellness but that this should be done in a holistic approach using community data and systems thinking. This toolkit is continually updated with resources to do just that.

Transition to Value and Population Health is one of the National Rural Health Resource Center's five core focus areas.

Take the Population Health Readiness Assessment to assess your organization’s unique strengths and needs for transitioning toward population health using the seven Baldrige categories to ensure a holistic approach for success. Then explore a variety of rural-relevant resources curated into these categories. We hope that the tools and resources found here can help change the rural health care landscape.

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Population Health Readiness Assessment


It's hard to know where you want to go if you don’t know where you are.

With data, we can address the underlying factors that are growing rural health disparities. We can examine factors impacting the leading causes of avoidable death in rural area. We can identify underrepresented and historically marginalized areas of a state, county, or rural hospital. The nuances provided through data allow us to build programs that connect people with solutions that yield long-term health improvement results. Explore the 15 data scenarios that can be customized according to your needs. Take the time to explore our "Putting Data to Use" tools and discover fascinating ways to apply population health initiatives in your communities.


In the Population Health Toolkit

Customer engagement is an important outcome of an overall learning and performance excellence strategy. Use these resources to learn more about identifying population health partners.
Resources related to Population Health: Workforce and Culture Resources
Resources related to Population Health: Outcomes and Impact Resources
Program evaluation relies on data and analysis. Data management is essential to the success of your population's health efforts.
Resources Related to Population Health: Understanding Value-Based Models
Strategic planning is important to the success of any program. Use these resources to help build a strategy around population health.
Leaders play a central role in setting values and directions. Use these resources to help develop leadership and planning for your organization.
Resources related to Population Health: Quality, Operations, and Processes Resources

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