Community Champion Toolkit

This Community Champion Toolkit is to be used by selected health care organization Community Champions and their supervisors as they step through the program. Each toolkit page contains key tools to help build Community Champion skill sets that enhance their role in community health planning and supports ongoing educational training. 

The Community Champion Toolkit was developed to provide Community Champions and their supervisors an overview of the community care coordination activities that selected health care organizations and communities will undertake during the multi-year DRCHSD Program

This is designed to assist Community Champion in gaining a better understanding of tools that support their health care organization with the implementation of best practices, and resources that will help their communities to develop a community care coordination plan.

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Overview of Community Care Coordination

Community care coordination planning supports Community Champions and leaders with developing a local system of care to prepare for population health, and sustain access to local health care services by leveraging community partnerships.
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Community Champion Hiring and Responsibilities

Community Champions serve as liaisons between their health care organizations and DRCHSD Program staff and play a vital role in implementing community care coordination efforts.
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Step One: All Aboard

These tools and resources will help the Community Champion build a comprehensive foundation to identify and connect with diverse community partners to host a Community Connect Event.
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Step Two: Navigate the River

These tools and resources will help the Community Champion collaborate with community partners to identify and address community/patient health needs by maximizing capacity and available assets during their Community Priority Action Planning Workshop.
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Step Three: Stay the Course

These resources will help the Community Champion monitor progress, strengthen collaboration and strategize for sustainability to ensure underserved populations benefit from coordinated care and support the facilitation of the Stay the Course Workshop.

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