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Step Three: Stay The Course

During the final step, Community Champions focus on monitoring progress, strengthening collaboration, and strategizing for ongoing self-sufficiency and sustainability to ensure diverse and vulnerable populations benefit from coordinated care.

This section of the toolkit is designed to recognize the extensive growth in the Community Champion's capacity as a facilitative leader in community care coordination planning, development, and implementation.

Community Champions at this step are prepared to work more independently and alongside other Community Champions. Essential toolkit components include an outline of capacity-building learning activities to sustain collaboration, and a supportive guide to assist the Community Champions in co-designing and facilitating a Stay the Course workshop to determine post-DRCHSD Program next steps with community partners. 

Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital remains committed to the work that has been started. We will continue to lead and support. SGCMH staff members Dr. Pautler, Missy, Jennifer, Hirshell, Tina and Mary are all in and will do what it takes to make our community healthier and safe.

Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital

Sustaining Collaboration

Community Champions have been doing continuous planning in the DRCHSD Program since their onboarding. They have been taking time to listen and work with community partners, initially to decide where their collaboration wants to be in the future, and how to get there using actionable steps. To effectively sustain this collaboration in Step Three, Community Champions will apply the methods learned in Steps One and Two of the Program. These methods support collaborative leadership, member-driven decisions, continuous improvement, effective communication, and ongoing evaluation. 

The DRCHSD Program requires Community Champions to participate in the following trainings during Step 3. Community Champion Q&A worktimes (mandatory and optional) are also offered on a weekly basis to address questions and apply the learning.

Training Facilitator Description
Moving Forward: Staying the Course Learning Collaborative DRCHSD Staff Review strategies for sustaining community care coordination beyond the DRCHSD Program, understanding the CEO and Community Champion roles within the workshop, and introduce the Stay the Course workshop approach. 
Seeds for Sustainability DRCHSD Staff This three-day virtual Bootcamp will encourage Community Champions to maintain ongoing partnerships with Community Partners/Service Providers, demonstrate the use of assembling tools into a toolkit for sustainability, and develop a deeper understanding of how and when to use a myriad of facilitation tools and methods.  
Assembling your Toolkit for Sustainability DRCHSD Staff Network with other Community Champions and discuss assembling tools into a toolkit for sustainability. Consider what may be missing and how to maintain facilitation skills post-program.
Consensus and Action Planning Bootcamp Consultant Staff

This three-day Bootcamp is designed to provide Community Champions with an opportunity to learn and practice facilitation methods. This includes a review of the Conversations that Matter-focused conversation methodology, flip chart consensus, and accelerated action planning methods.

Sharpening Skills Consultant Staff This session is a cooperative study of all facilitation tools Community Champions have learned.  This is used to refresh Community Champion's memory and deepen understanding of the various facilitation tools and methods. Demonstrate the ability to think strategically about how to apply the facilitation tools and methods
Community Health Status Report Update Learning Collaborative DRCHSD Staff The focus of this time will be to teach Community Champions how to access and navigate secondary data sources available for your county/parish and state and provide you with training to update your Community Health Status Report template. 
Mandatory Q&A Worktimes DRCHSD Staff Mandatory Q&A worktimes will be used following the above trainings to ensure Community Champion application of all learning, where Community Champions can ask questions, practice, and network with others in a comfortable and safe environment. 


Champions reported: 'I would recommend the DRCHSD Program to other eligible health care organizations.' 4.50/5 when asked about their time serving in the program.

Stay the Course Workshop Tools

In this 5-hour Stay the Course Workshop, Community Champions will learn how to effectively sustain what has been implemented during the Program and answer the question "What are the next steps we need to take to accomplish our victory for our program priorities?" Community Champions will work with their leadership and community partners to analyze current plans and to determine next steps, sustain gains made, and continue to create healthy changes in their community.

DRCHSD staff will work with Community Champions and their supervisors to schedule and confirm Workshop dates, host two 90-minute worktimes prior to the workshop, and hold multiple follow-up coaching calls. Community Champions have been trained and practiced using many tools and methods over the multi-year Program. DRCHSD staff have provided core information and detailed instructions below. Community Champions should reference these as they develop and personalize their own tools. 

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