Mid-Level Leaders and the Transition to Value Video Series

This educational video series provides mid-level leaders with foundational knowledge and strategies for leading their team and influencing others as they navigate the shift to value-based payment and population health.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what value-based care means for you, your department, your organization and your community
  • Connect your role with your organization’s mission and vision
  • Take a broad view of the health care system and community care coordination
  • Think strategically about the local, regional and national health care environment
  • Demonstrate collaborative leadership skills
  • Lead the structural and human side of change
  • Use effective strategies for coaching and delegation
  • Understand the impact of your decisions on the organization’s bottom line 

Series Format 

The format of this program was designed with busy schedules in mind. While you should of course feel free to complete this series in any timeframe that works for you, one suggestion is to watch a video module once per week or once every other week, and spend time in between going through reflection/discussion questions and engaging in the suggested activities. Following this plan, you should be able to complete the series within about 6-12 weeks.

Before MLLs Begin: Complete the Pre/post-Training Evaluation template on page 8 within the Discussion Questions and Activities document before you begin the series and again after you complete Module 6. 

Senior Leaders: We encourage you to use the Senior Leader Discussion Guide to engage your mid-level leaders in conversations about the concepts covered in the series. This guide was created to help senior health care leaders, as the people to whom our target audience reports, reinforce the learning from this series.

Program Modules & Topics

Module 1: Transforming Health Care from the Middle

  • Series Intro & overview
  • The state of health care and the transition to value
  • Fundamental value-based concepts
  • The role of a mid-level leader in the journey
  • Impact of value-based care on your facility & department

Module 2: Strategic & Systems Thinking

  • Strategic thinking, systems thinking and the path to value
  • Your role as a “boundary spanner”
  • Community care coordination

Module 3: Collaborative Leadership

  • Collaborative leadership basics
  • Open communication
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Building trust
  • Learning agility

Module 4: Change Leadership

  • Leading change from the middle
  • The change process
  • The human side of change

Module 5: Basics of Health Care Finance

  • Gain a basic understanding of traditional and value-based payment methodologies
  • Explore the role of wellness, transitional care, and chronic care services in value-based systems

Module 6: Talent Development

  • The what and why of talent development
  • Your role: Thinking strategically about talent development
  • Developing your team
  • Series wrap-up

Evaluate the Series

Once you have completed the series, please take two minutes to complete three feedback questions in Survey Monkey. Your feedback will help us at The Center as we develop more trainings like this one! 

Resource Guide

Each video module will refer to specific tools and resources that mid-level leaders may find helpful. Refer to the Resource Guide above for links and descriptions.

Videos in This Series

Understand how mid-level leaders can help their department, organization, and themselves to transition from volume to value and population health.
Explore what it means to be a strategic and systems thinker in a mid-level leadership role – and how these types of thinking can positively impact the organization’s journey to value.
Explore what collaborative leadership looks like and learn strategies for effectively leading with a collaborative approach.
Explore the change process as well as the emotional side of change. Learn specific things you can do as a leader of change to smooth the process and help others.
Understand the basics of healthcare finance for mid-level leaders and how it connects to your work.
Learn ways to hire and promote employees and develop your team’s skills and knowledge in meaningful ways.

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