Module 1: Transforming Health Care from the Middle

This six-part educational video series provides mid-level leaders with foundational knowledge and strategies for leading their team and influencing others as they navigate the shift to value-based payment and population health.

Before You Begin: Complete the Pre/post-Training Evaluation template on page 8 within the Discussion Questions and Activities document before you begin the series and again after you complete Module 6. 


Description and Topics Covered

Understand how mid-level leaders can help their department, organization, and themselves to transition from volume to value and population health. 

  • Series Intro & overview
  • The state of health care and the transition to value
  • Fundamental value-based concepts
  • The role of a mid-level leader in the journey
  • Impact of value-based care on your facility & department

Discussion Questions

  • Do you have all the knowledge you’d like to have about the transition to value and population health? If not, how can you learn more?
  • Where does your organization currently stand in the process of transitioning to value? What changes have already been made? What would you still like to see happen?
  • What are the biggest challenges for your facility in the transition to value? How is the organization addressing these challenges?
  • In which critical competency areas do you feel particularly strong? In what areas would you like to strengthen your knowledge and skills – and how might you do that? (aside from this series, of course!)
    • Strategic & systems thinking
    • Collaborative leadership
    • Initiating and championing change
    • Understanding health care finance
    • Focusing on future needs when hiring and developing employees

Recommended Activities

Watch the following educational videos: 

Population Health for Rural Hospitals: What the experts are saying

Cleveland Clinic Population Health

Set up a time to have a discussion with your CEO about your hospital’s approach to population health. Some questions you might consider asking:

  • Why are we making this transition?
  • What is the impact going to be on the hospital and my department?
  • How is the hospital going to change?
  • How will this process improve patient care and make our community safer and healthier?
  • What do you expect from me in this transition?


  1. Collaborative healthcare leadership: A six-part model for adapting and thriving during a time of transformative change Browning, H.W., Torain, D.J, & Patterson, T.E. (2016). [White paper]. Center for Healthcare Leadership. - The Center for Creative Leadership’s whitepaper sharing six organizational capabilities that help health systems create direction, alignment and commitment in the changing health care environment.
  2. National Center for Healthcare Leadership: Leadership Competency Model - This evidence-based model outlines the skills and knowledge needed of health care leaders in the current environment.

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