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Rural Health Innovations enhances the health of rural communities by providing products and services with a focus on excellence and innovation.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming SRHT Learning Collaborative

Learning Collaborative Four

August 21, 2019

Selected hospitals should reserve the following dates and prepare to participate in four Learning Collaborative (LC) virtual meetings. More information will be provided to selected hospitals. LCs will be used to share information across projects to transition them to population health.

Upcoming Workshop

Network Development Collaborating for Impact Workshop

August 21, 2019 to August 22, 2019

True innovation comes only through a collaborative process where many voices are at the table, but it’s not easy to lead a group with a variety of perspectives and priorities. During this workshop, you’ll assess the strength of your own network’s collaborative relationships and build your collaborative leadership skills.

Upcoming HELP Webinar

2019 Rural Care Coordination and Population Health Summit Findings

August 27, 2019

Explore the findings from the 2019 Rural Care Coordination and Population Health Management Summit. Speakers will identify key actions that leaders and providers should take to further develop a local infrastructure that they can deliver and manage population health in the future.

Upcoming Network Development Webinar

Action Planning for Sustainability

August 28, 2019

The ongoing longevity of a grant project is dependent on the sustainability of the network. Sustainability is defined as the network’s ability to achieve desired outcomes and maintain the ability to do so over time. This webinar describes the three phases to completing a Network Sustainability Action Plan.

Upcoming Network Development Cohort Group Call

Integrating Behavioral Health: Shared Care Plans

September 10, 2019

A shared care plan combines medical and behavioral health treatment plans into a single document. These plans encourage whole person care, foster collaboration within and across clinical sites, and enhance transparency in the provider-patient relationship. Please join your peers to share and learn from others.

Upcoming Network Development Cohort Group Call

The Evolution of Remote Technology in Health Care

September 12, 2019

Remote technologies in health care, including tele-medicine, remote patient monitoring, home health monitoring, and distance learning have evolved over the past several years, aided by the rapid advancement of smart phones and high-speed internet. In this cohort call, we will share our experiences and plans for using remote technologies as well as some of the challenges and solutions that each of us have discovered.

Upcoming Network Development Cohort Group Call

Continued Engagement of Medical Partners

September 19, 2019

Continued engagement in your care coordination program is a common topic for discussion amongst those doing care coordination. This next cohort call will look at engagement from three angles including engaging providers and peers, managing leadership change, and maintaining momentum.



Video Spotlight on Roosevelt General Hospital

June 2019

Roosevelt General Hospital, located in Portales, New Mexico, shares ways they utilized the recommendations from their SRHT Financial Operational Assessment and the significant impact it had on their finances, growth & expansion, patient satisfaction, staffing model, behavioral health access, and much more!


New Tool to Create or Update Your Strategy Map and BSC!

May 2019

NEW! A series of five webinar recordings with rural hospitals and experts guiding them through a process to use the downloadable, pre-filled templates to develop and tailor their own Balanced Scorecard (BSC) & Strategy Map. The recordings also include educational slides from our subject matter experts and facilitated hospital discussion. 

Hospital Spotlight

Bacon County Hospital Advances Toward Population Health

April 2019

Bacon County Hospital prepares for population health by focusing on growing primary care, collaborating with the community to increase access to care, revamping marketing efforts, growing the swing bed program, expanding telehealth, and embracing LEAN processes.