Rural Path to Value

A population health approach to treating patients — with its focus on the social, economic, environmental, and structural factors that impact health, alongside clinical care — is the future of health care. And we can help you be better prepared for it.
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Population health isn't simply an industry buzzword. It's the future of health care in the U.S.

By embracing a range of population health-related tools, techniques, and approaches — better care coordination, stronger collaborations with community partners, addressing social drivers of health head-on, and others — rural health care organizations across the country are increasingly taking a more proactive approach to improving the health of the communities they serve. The results of their efforts? Improved health outcomes, improved patient experiences, and lowered costs for the entire health system.

Rural Health Innovations’ Rural Path to Value program is designed to support critical access hospitals and rural health clinics that are already taking early steps to adopt population health practices and want to become population health leaders. Program participants are provided access to training, tools, and strategies that are designed to help produce sustained and meaningful improvements in the health and well-being of their community.

This program has allowed hospital staff to work on population health efforts in a really strategic and targeted way. The strategies they learn from RHI staff translate to any future project.

Stephanie Sayegh, Health Program Manager (Idaho Flex and SHIP Coordinator)
Our team will help you design a population health-based project that’s customized to the unique needs of your community and can be implemented with available resources. Along the way, we’ll also teach you how to better build and sustain community partnerships, how to develop and follow a process for planning organizational projects, and how to help your communities navigate the transition to population health.

    Project Components:

    Cohorts of up to 12 hospitals and clinics from a state or region are eligible to participate. The program requires a one-year commitment. (Additional services are available for multi-year participants.)

    • Complete a Population Health Assessment: Gauge how prepared your organization is to transition to population health.
    • Receive personalized community data snapshot reports: Identify the specific community population for your project focus.
    • Attend a Strategy and Measures Workshop: Gain knowledge and skills to design a strategic plan that identifies goals and objectives for your project.
    • Attend an Action Planning Workshop: Gain knowledge and skills to create a clear action plan, including initiatives to carry out, workgroups to form, partners to engage, and a concrete timeline.
    • Attend educational webinars: Gain additional knowledge and skills tailored specifically to cohort needs.
    • Receive one-on-one support and coaching calls: Guidance provided to maintain project momentum and address obstacles.
    • Join peer sharing calls: Network with other hospitals and clinics doing similar work, and share successes and challenges.
    Participating Hospitals

    Addressing Population Health in Minnesota

    Six of Minnesota's critical access hospitals are working to address population health in their communities through the Minnesota Path to Value (MNPTV) Project.
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