Network and Partnership Development

We help you identify and cultivate relationships with key partners so you can, together, address the health needs of your community.
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We are better together.

They’re just four simple words. But they deliver a relatively profound message: When we work with others, there’s no stopping us. The possibilities of what we can achieve are nearly endless.

That message is at the core of the work of the country’s rural health networks — organizations that bring together health care providers, government agencies, public health professionals, community organizations, educational institutions, and others, all with a unified focus on mobilizing scarce resources and building bridges to better address key health needs in a community.  

For more than a decade, Rural Health Innovations has worked with hundreds of rural health networks across the country on projects to improve access to health care services and health care quality, to address social determinants of health, and much more. Our team can help you invest in your community’s health and well-being for the long term.

Our Services Include:

New Network Development Services

As the health care industry evolves and transforms, we know that networks and partnerships will continue to play a crucial role in securing affordable and quality access to services. Our team can provide new networks with facilitation services, training, and access to easy-to-apply tools that can be used immediately to help network members focus on a shared vision and purpose.

Collaboration Training Workshop

Collaboration is key in rural health. We’ll help you and your organization develop the skills and processes needed to build a healthy network and maintain essential partnerships. Topics addressed in this workshop include: how to identify strategic partners; how to build an action plan for strengthening relationships; and how to increase your confidence as a network leader.

Network Sustainability Services

Once rural health networks are established, they’ve got to be maintained. We offer networks a multi-year, customized set of services that aims to help them strengthen relationships with their partners and plan for the group’s sustainability. Our staff will facilitate network planning events, provide coaching in the development of an implementation plan and business plan, conduct a network analysis, and provide training in collaboration skills.

Network Board Development Training

When any new group forms, there will be growing pains — differing priorities, interpersonal conflicts, and other barriers. But those strains don’t have to prevent groups from accomplishing their goals. We can help your network board members develop the capacity to collaborate with their board member peers. This training session provides specific ideas, tools, and best practices that can be used and adopted by board members to maintain effective group dynamics.

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