We are better together.
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In our complex and ever-changing environment, the saying, "We are better together" holds true. Common goals for partnerships focus on improving health in their communities. This may look like easier access to care, better quality, lower health care costs, and collaborative initiatives addressing other aspects of health such as housing, food, transportation, education, and poverty. We can help build these bridges starting with an assessment that creates a roadmap for networks and partnerships.

    Our Network Sustainability Package

    Let us help you invest in your community’s health and well-being for the long term. With our customized approach, this multi-year program includes facilitated planning events, implementation coaching, social network analysis, and collaboration training. You will identify services that members value and develop a business plan. We are dedicated to the sustainability of your network. You will be able to see the results of stronger relationships.

    Multi-Year Support - Make a long-term committment to your community

    Additional Services

    Collaboration Training Workshop

    Collaboration is key for rural health organizations to work better together. We can help you and your organization develop the skills and processes for building and maintaining healthy networks and partnerships. This workshop will identify strategic partners, create an action plan for strengthening relationships, and increase your confidence as a network leader.

    New Network Development

    As health care continues to evolve, and even transform, and we know that networks and partnerships are a solution to making progress toward access to affordable, quality health care. This service provides facilitation, training, and easy to apply tools that you can use right away to focus diverse stakeholders on a shared vision and purpose.

    Network Board Development

    With our experience working with over 250 rural health networks we are ready to help you overcome the challenges of collaborating with a diverse group of board members. Learn how to build support and engagement with your board. This training provides specific ideas, tools, and best practices to develop the capacity of the network’s board of directors.

    Our Rural Network Experience

    Since 2011, we have worked with over 250 rural health network grantees, through HRSA FORHP network programs.

    Positive Return on Community Investment (ROCI)


    Our services ensure a positive return on investment. In a world of scarce resources, it is critical that programs are carefully assessed and evaluated to determine the return on community and public investment. ROCI is a methodology for measuring the economic value of services to a community. We measured the ROCI of our Network Development TA, providing assistance to rural health networks across the country. The results were astounding: $9.22 in return for ever dollar invested in 2019!

    Get Started

    To get started with our Network and Partnership Development Package or any of our additional services, contact Sally Buck at sbuck@ruralcenter.org or (218) 216-7025.