Consultations Overview

The Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program provides selected health care organizations with comprehensive, in-depth technical assistance consultation services with the goal to successfully positioning hospitals and clinics, and their communities, for the future.

Consultations services target:

  • Finance and Operations
  • Quality
  • Telehealth
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Physician Practice Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Workforce and Leadership
  • Implementation Technical Assistance

Consultation services are delivered through the DRCHSD Program’s three-year participation cycle to support leaders with building on post-project gains and raising the organization’s knowledge base.

Year 1 focuses on initial assessments for planning and development of performance improvement action plans

Year 2 targets the implementation of best practice recommendations and the adoption of evidence-based models

Year 3 consists of reassessments and modifications of an action plan to provide leaders a roadmap for future next steps

This comprehensive approach strengthens the organization’s ability to benefit from value-based care initiatives and prepares them for population health by establishing a foundation for sustaining gains year over year.

Program staff guides leaders through the consultation process and provide Implementation Technical Assistance services to assist organizations with successfully implementing best practices that improve financial performance, operational efficiencies, and quality care. Services may be requested to support the execution of action plans, implementation of best practices, and adoption of evidence-based models following the completion of assessments.

DRCHSD activities and timelines for each participating cohort:

Cohort 2023 Year 1-3 Health Care Organization Activities and Timeline.pdf (394.81 KB)


Cohort 2022 Year 2-3 Health Care Organization Activities and Timeline.pdf (388.66 KB)


Cohort 2021 Year 3 Health Care Organization Activities and Timeline.pdf (379.42 KB)