Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program provides telehealth services to selected healthcare organizations with the goal to secure access to healthcare at the local level and better serve rural communities. DRCHSD Program assists leaders with the implementation and expansion of telehealth by completing the below activities.

  • Assess the organization’s capacity for implementing and/or expanding telehealth services 
  • Identify opportunities to integrate telehealth to fill gaps in local healthcare services 
  • Align community health care needs with local services
  • Support the adoption of telehealth best practices that enhance coordination of care and improve healthcare outcomes
  • Evaluate and support telehealth equipment, hardware, software, implementation, and training needs
  • Evaluate and support other financial systems enhancement needs

Selected organizations perform a telehealth assessment in year 1 with an action plan review in year 2 and a reassessed in year 3 to provide leaders with a plan for ongoing virtual care enhancements.

Program staff guide leaders in developing partnerships and affiliations for securing distance telemedicine services in a sustainable and meaningful way.   

Implementation Technical Assistance services may be requested to support the execution of action plans, implementation of best practices, and adoption of evidence-based models following the completion of assessments.