Workforce and Leadership

The Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program offers a wide variety of customized workforce and leadership services that support the board of directors, executive and management teams, and frontline staff. 

Leaders may request technical assistance in employee and physician engagement, recruitment planning, staffing, marketing, and labor productivity analyses, as well as human resources. 

Leadership and staff development topics include, for example, change management, resiliency, health equity, feedback conversations, conflict management, accountability, employee recognition, and employee rounding.

Management training is available to support new supervisors and executive coaching is available for top leaders and directors. 

Services are delivered through face-to-face workshops and strategy planning sessions, virtual training, or a hybrid format. The Center also facilitates program participants’ involvement in workforce programs and services offered by state, regional, and national organizations. 

Implementation Technical Assistance may be requested to support the execution of action plans, implementation of best practices, and adoption of evidence-based models following the completion of assessments.