Revenue Cycle and Physician Practice Management

Revenue Cycle and Physician Practice Management services evaluate the business and clinical operations of selected healthcare organizations participating in the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program. Consultation assesses areas that directly affect the operational and financial management of an organization, and impact clinic operations, provider productivity, and profitability. Consultation services:

  • Identify performance improvement opportunities that increased financial stability and operational efficiency
  • Review key performance indicators (KPI) against best practice benchmarks as outlined by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)
  • Establish baseline measures for KPI to support leaders with ongoing performance improvements
  • Analyzes claims data and workflow processes
  • Connects care management improvements with revenue cycle performance to enhance reimbursement
  • Provide industry-accepted best practice recommendations
  • Develop action plans to implement best practices; and
  • Provide executive leadership and management teams with education on the various revenue cycle improvement topics to support sustainability.

Consultation services target the revenue cycle front, middle, and back-end processes. It also assesses provider productivity and considers physician affiliation. Strategies are provided to support physician alignment, and guidance is given to assist leaders and providers with implementing a unified process around affiliation activity.

Program staff guide leaders through the consultation process, and assist teams:

  • Address organizational-specific revenue cycle and physician practice management questions
  • Align community health needs with available services
  • Promote value to the community to build greater awareness of local services
  • Review and update action plans to further assist leaders with the implementing process; and
  • Provide Implementation Technical Assistance services.

Healthcare organizations receive a full assessment in year 2 of the three-year participation cycle. A reassessment is provided in year 3 to guide leaders with the next steps for ongoing performance improvements.

Implementation Technical Assistance services may be requested to support the execution of action plans, implementation of best practices, and adoption of evidence-based models following the completion of assessments.

RCM PPM Consultation Work Plan & Timeline.pdf (201.68 KB)


RCM PPM Reassessment Work Plan & Timeline.pdf (184.42 KB)