Sustainable Community Care Coordination Guide

In today’s health care environment, care coordination is a key success factor. Having successful and sustainable care coordination programs will set organizations up for future success.

If your organization does not currently have a care coordination program, please refer to the Care Coordination Canvas Guide first to help you establish a care coordination program. 

Sustainable Community Care Coordination Guide 

The purpose of the Guide is to provide a framework for rural organizations to actively plan for the sustainability of their already established care coordination programs. The guide takes you through a process of identifying community organizations to increase the effectiveness of coordination, finding potential gaps in your care coordination process, and developing partnerships for continued success. Learn how to develop key messages about your program and gather the necessary data to show results. 

The Guide is meant to be used with the following tools:

  1. Strategic and Marketing Thinking Canvas (Appendix A of the Guide): This first step will outline the things to consider throughout this process, along with a facilitation guide to help you lead this process with your stakeholders.
  2. Sustainable Community Care Coordination Workbook (Separate document): Use this tool to record your work as you move through the guide.
  3. Potential Partners Worksheet (Appendix B of the Guide): Use this tool to identify stakeholders both inside and outside of your organization.

Watch the short video presentation below for details on the Care Coordination Guides:



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