Revenue Cycle and Physician Practice Management (RCM/PPM)

National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center),
BKD Health Care Performance Advisory Services

The purpose of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Physician Practice Management (PPM) assessments are to help participating hospital/clinic leadership teams with improving their Revenue Cycle and Physician Practice Management processes.

Some key strategic and environmental considerations underlying both analysis areas include:

  • Hospital financial challenges attributable to low inpatient (IP) admissions
  • Limited primary care alignment in local market
  • Implementation of a new electronic medical record (EMR) system 
  • 340B Drug Program, Home Health, and Swing Bed Operations

The attachments will provide a thorough overview of the RCM/PPM assessment process and anticipated time commitment for participating hospitals and clinics.

This project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under grant number U65RH31261, Delta Region Health Systems Development, $8,000,000 (0% financed with nongovernmental sources). This information or content and conclusions are those of the author and should not be construed as the official position or policy of, nor should any endorsements be inferred by HRSA, HHS or the U.S. Government.