Core Competency: Developing Leadership and Workforce

The Flex Program and CAHs rely on leadership and a skilled workforce to advance program goals and deliver high-quality, high-value care for patients. High turnover challenges many state Flex Programs and CAHs. However, with strong leadership, planning, data collection, analysis, and a focus on workforce development, program goals can be set, advanced, and achieved.

Leaders set direction by building and communicating a common and inspiring vision. Leadership has the strongest relationship to organizational outcomes and value, including for state Flex Programs and CAHs. State Flex Programs are funded to serve as leaders in addressing CAH needs related to quality improvement, financial and operational improvement, population health, and EMS. 

In addition to leadership, trust is fundamental to the success of an organization and partnerships. Trust is established through open communication, integrity, and follow-through. It takes time to build trust. Through trusting relationships and strong leadership, state Flex Programs can engage and maintain partners and foster collaboration and innovation to advance the goals of the national Flex Program.


  • Understand the crucial role of leadership in producing rural provider excellence
  • Employ basic methods and strategies for supporting and enhancing leadership in state Flex Programs, as well as rural hospitals and clinics
  • Ensure a sustainable state Flex Program workforce, through effective hiring, onboarding, training, retention activities, and succession planning
  • Employ strategies to help rural providers hire and retain needed staff and workforce
  • Develop a relationship with leadership at each CAH in the state

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