Core Competency: Strengthening Quality Reporting and Improvement

As the health care system shifts to a value-based model and becomes increasingly data driven, the requirement to have QI hardwired into health care operations is evident. While state Flex Programs are not expected to be quality improvement experts, they should have a basic understanding of QI principles to best support and work with project partners, develop project plans, implement MBQIP, establish QI initiatives, and report program outcomes. They should also know how and where to access QI technical expertise, such as RQITA.


  • Understand QI and process improvement principles
  • Analyze state and hospital-specific data in MBQIP reports from FMT to identify opportunities for QI at the state and rural provider levels
  • Determine best practices in quality reporting and QI principles based on the needs of rural providers
  • Describe the purpose of MBQIP
  • Understand each MBQIP measure, the purpose, and overall data collection method
  • Direct MBQIP reporting and QI resources to rural providers

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