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Provides an overview of SHIP for new SHIP Coordinators.
This Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP) Pricing Transparency Guide aims to support SHIP Coordinators, along with their hospitals and local partners, to navigate the Price Transparency Rule of November 15, 2019.
In partnership with FORHP, the SHIP TA team will host a learning collaborative focused on SHIP grantee program management.
The National Rural Health Resource Center's Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP) Technical Assistance Team partnered with evaluation subject matter expert Dr. Angie Charlet, Vice President of Training and Development at Canopy Associates to facilitatee discussions and education through a three part, web-based learning collaborative for State SHIP personnel.
This webinar presented ideas for how State SHIP programs can maximize their efforts across SHIP and Flex programs. Discussion topics included future program planning and implementation opportunities that complement Flex and SHIP funds.
3-Part Series on the SHIP Performance Management/ Program Evaluation Guide, a publication with our partner Rochelle Spinarski, founder of Rural Health Solutions.
SHIP Allowable Investments support activities by small rural hospitals in meeting value-based care goals for their respective organizations through purchases in hardware, software, and related training.
The SHIP TA team will be hosting office hours with the SHIP Program Officers on June 11th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm CST. These office hours are drop-in, so you are welcome to attend as your schedule allows.
In this SHIP Technical Assistance (TA) Webinar, Pennsylvania (PA) Flex Coordinator, Jennifer Edwards will share how her state is utilizing SHIP funds to prepare hospitals for the transition to global budgeting.
This webinar provided of an overview of the NOFO and reporting documents and templates related to SHIP FY23, beginning on June 1, 2023, and continuing through May 31, 2024. 
This webinar will include a discussion about the FY2022 SHIP updates, grant guidance documents, SHIP reporting templates, and additions to the SHIP Allowable investment tool. This webinar will be presented by SHIP Project Officers of FORHP and SHIP-TA team at The Center.
This SHIP Technical Assistance (TA) explored SHIP activities surrounding telehealth and mobile health hardware/software. Speakers from the Iowa, Kentucky, Oregon, and Washington SHIP Programs will discuss their telehealth investments and implementation experiences.
This SHIP technical assistance webinar will share experiences and details on how hospitals can utilize SHIP funds to maximize staff training. We will cover types of allowable trainings, unallowable trainings, cohort training, and “contracts” with subject matter experts (SME).
This SHIP technical assistance webinar shared experiences and details on communicating with small rural hospitals about the SHIP grant.
The purpose of this webinar is to provide guidance on the FY 2024 SHIP NCC Progress Report.
This SHIP learning collaborative will consist of in-depth educational, conversational, and operational application sessions where attendees can build knowledge and skills for SHIP in their state.
Receive guidance for the Fiscal Year 2022 Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) Progress Report. Understand the requirements, templates, and relevant resources for the FY2022 NCC Progress Report.
The FY 2021 NCC Guidance Webinar provided guidance on the FY2021 NCC instruction template and relevant resources for the FY 2021 NCC Progress Report, which is due on February 23, 2021.
Learn key elements for SHIP evaluation of state and hospital activities. Increase awareness of best practices in SHIP grant reporting. Discover resources for SHIP performance management. Receive guidance of financial management of HRSA SHIP grants.