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The “Anywhere Care” campaign makes use of the word "virtually" in two different ways: referring to a real-time, remote meeting that's often considered "virtual" and as an adverb, speaking to the nearly limitless locations patients can choose from when they access care via telehealth.

This toolkit was developed through the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) program.

Campaign Objectives

  • Introduce telehealth as a convenient care option that rural health care organizations provide as an additional way to serve patients.
  • Remind the audience that putting off appointments and screenings could prove more detrimental to their health in the long run.
  • Grow telehealth appointment volumes.

Target Audiences

  • Existing and prospective patients
  • Women and men, ages 18-65+, including working parents

Campaign Materials

Direct Mail

A targeted direct mail postcard helps to build awareness of telehealth opportunities.

Telehealth Campaign Direct Mail (1005.7 KB)

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads help you connect with current and prospective patients.


An in-house poster that's designed to strengthen patient understanding of your organization and the quality services you offer.

Telehealth Campaign Poster (13.26 MB)

Radio Script

Telehealth Campaign Radio Script (19.17 KB)

Social Media Graphic

Social media posts provide one of the most engaging ways to build awareness of your organization's offerings.

Telehealth Campaign Social Media Graphic (287.87 KB)

Additional Educational Tools

Telehealth Campaign Provider Etiquette Checklist (794.12 KB)

Customize Templates for Your Community

The main image in all print materials can be replaced with stock or custom photography, based on community demographics and your intended audience — to best match the diversity of your community. The Customizable Communications Toolkit for Rural Hospitals and Clinics User Guide offers more information about the toolkit and includes instructions for customization. Templates are available as a downloadable PDF for print materials and can be customized using Adobe Acrobat Pro, saving time, effort, and cost when developing new communication materials.

Microsoft Word is required for customization of radio scripts, social media posts, website landing pages, and internal education materials.

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