Performance Improvement

The Center offers a complete spectrum of rural health performance improvement services. With support from The Center, clients succeed in aligning people, processes and resources with their mission.

Balanced Scorecard Facilitation

Rural hospitals can use the Balanced Scorecard to improve customer service, finance, patient satisfaction and quality of care. The Balanced Scorecard helps rural health care organizations link operations to strategy to measure and monitor service goals. The Center provides on-site and online education to leadership teams on Balanced Scorecard principles, tool development and successful implementation. Since 2005, The Center has worked with over 30 hospitals in Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and Texas to provide Balanced Scorecard training and implementation.

Cost based on type of delivery – on-site or remote

Program Evaluation

The Center evaluates the processes and outcomes of the grant program. Evaluation is an important part of any grant initiative process. It is not merely a means of assuring grant compliance, but can be used effectively to glean best practices, track progress, identify need for process improvements and provide a detailed overview of the funding impact on individuals and communities. The evaluation process generally begins with strategic planning to ensure stability of the grant program. Services will include an environmental scan, two on-site sessions with the board of directors, staff and project leaders, followed by the development of a strategy map and balanced scorecard. The Baldrige framework is used to evaluate the systems approach to the rural health programs.


“Lean” Training

Lean techniques were developed for manufacturing, but have become increasingly useful in health care operations. This is because health care, like the production of cars or houses, involves complex, multiple processes. Lean is a proven way to identify steps in any process that have value and those that do not. The Center provides on-site education about Lean principles and assists with Lean initiatives, including workflow assessment via process walk, mapping and redesign.


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