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This [27 minute] session lays the groundwork for the series, discussing the broader context of how technology can support the shift to value-based care with an emphasis on improving the health of the population.
This [31 minute] session focuses on the major steps involved when using population health management (PHM) applications, including the identification of data sources and recognizing the importance of risk identification and stratification when using data analytics to target improvement strategies.
This [20 minute] session presents two use case studies showing how clinical workflow and processes can be supported with technologies covered in this series, demonstrating how data insights translate into excellent care in the context of a value-based system.
The findings from the Rural Health Equity and Quality Summit will assist rural health leaders on their path to value-based care and alternative payment models by offering actionable steps on how to achieve rural health equity.
This [30 minute] session focuses on care management technology tools that can be used to support care coordination, patient engagement, and support connections to community resources and improve health.
Empowering employees’ growth and developing their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to drive better business performance.
The extent to which employees are passionate about their work and committed to the organization (engagement) and the choice by an employee to stay with an organization instead of seeking employment elsewhere (retention).
A process for ensuring continuity in critical roles. It involves identifying future staffing needs and taking action to ensure these needs are met.


Identifying and soliciting individuals — either from within or outside the organization — to fill job vacancies or staff for growth.


The process of bringing a new employee into the organization.