Past Events

Past Events

Past Webinar

DRCHSD Finance Series: Post Pandemic Priorities for Rural Health Systems

July 1, 2022

For the past 24-months, while rural health systems have been battling Covid-19, the healthcare industry has continued to evolve at an accelerating pace. Traditional healthcare providers must adapt to the new market realities or face increasing threats from new forms of competition.

Past MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

June MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

June 16, 2022

This webinar will include: the opportunity to hear updates and provide input into FORHP plans regarding reinstating MBQIP eligibility requirements, a brief update on proposed quality measure changes in the 2023 Inpatient Prospective Payment System proposed rule and the chance to provide feedback on what types of CAH related information would be useful to inform your quality-focused work.

Past HELP Webinar

Building a Strong Foundation for RHCs in the Transition to Value

June 15, 2022

Foundation cornerstone strength determines the overall integrity of the structure. Think of your outpatient health care practice as a building. What is the cornerstone that will ensure the strongest foundation to support a flexible infrastructure that leads to long-term sustainability? How do we ensure the foundation of the organization has the strength and flexibility needed to maneuver the fluidity of the current health care landscape? 

Past SHIP Webinar

State SHIP Guidance and Management Webinar

June 2, 2022

This webinar will include a discussion about the FY2022 SHIP updates, grant guidance documents, SHIP reporting templates, and additions to the SHIP Allowable investment tool. This webinar will be presented by SHIP Project Officers of FORHP and SHIP-TA team at The Center.

Past TASC 90 Webinar

Workforce in Rural Health Care

May 18, 2022

Identify current workforce challenges impacting rural health care providers. Access resources and supporting information for health care workforce support. Recall state Flex Program activities that can support rural workforce challenges.

Past Flex Virtual Knowledge Group

Value-Based Payment Models

May 5, 2022

Identify promising practices other state Flex programs have implemented in their states. Recognize activities state Flex programs can support to ensure critical access hospitals (CAHs) in their state are prepared for the transition to value-based payment models. Develop next steps needed to implement programs and services related to building capacity towards population health.

Past HELP Webinar

Crossing the Threshold: Seeking Organizational Resilience

May 4, 2022

This session will set the stage by describing what is meant by organizational resilience, and how efforts to improve quality and safety impact organizational resilience at the individual, team, leadership, and resource levels. Building from this overview, this presentation delves into two fundamental components of organization resilience - trust and mattering.

Past Webinar

Fostering a Culture of Resilient Rural EMS

May 2, 2022

Describe issues associated with rural EMS providers that can affect their mental wellness. Recognize ways that rural EMS providers can be resilient through unpredictable circumstances. Recall ways for rural ambulance services to cultivate support to foster mental resilience. Explain how Flex Programs could support a resilient rural EMS workforce.

Past Flex Program Telehealth Webinars

Rural Tele-Home Health Care

April 26, 2022

Recognize how tele-home care can be provided via telehealth. Understand the opportunities and barriers for critical access hospitals to provide tele-home care. Recall rural models of tele-home care. Describe how Flex Programs can support alternatives to institutional care through tele-home care initiatives.

Past Webinar

Rural Population Health Information Initiatives

April 5, 2022

Identify available data sources that could be compiled to create an understanding of the health status of a population. Describe how a rural hospital might utilize the data to inform and implement population health activities. Recognize the value of population health information initiatives and how Flex Programs can support them.

Past Rural HIT Coalition

Rural Population Health Information Initiatives

April 5, 2022

Identified available data sources that could be compiled to create an understanding of the health status of a population. Described how a rural hospital might utilize the data to inform and implement population health activities. Recognized the value of population health information initiatives and how Flex Programs can support them.

Past HELP Webinar

ACO Implementation - A Team Sport

March 22, 2022

In order to succeed in an Accountable Care Organization, all participants in the facility need to be aware of the goals and objectives of joining an ACO, and each individual needs to understand what role they play in the success of the ACO. Members of the team should be engaged both in the design of the implementation and the potential reward for participation. Changing one's practice to meet the requirements of an ACO is not without challenges. Consequently, staff and providers need to believe it will add value both to their patients' lives and to theirs. 

Past Workshop

Spring 2022 Flex Program Virtual Workshop

March 21, 2022

The goal of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy's (FORHP) Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program Virtual Workshop is to provide new or existing Flex Program staff an orientation to the Flex Program.

Past MBQIP Virtual Knowledge Group

March 2022 Virtual Knowledge Group

March 17, 2022

This webinar will include: updates regarding EDTC reporting tools, changes to antibiotic stewardship questions on the NHSN Annual Facility Survey, a review of FMT’s analysis of CAH data reporting during COVID, Q&A regarding QI Project deliverables timeline, and a continued discussion from Flex NCC regarding next steps for MBQIP.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming RHPTP Learning Collaborative

Rural Healthcare Provider Transition Project Eligible Learning Collaborative

April 25, 2022 to July 25, 2022

This virtual learning collaborative (LC) will focus on challenges and solutions specific to rural health providers to support improvement in health equity and reduction in health disparities. This interactive collaborative will include four (4) virtual, 60-minute learning sessions and additional brief readings and/or reflections between sessions to support understanding of disparities and strategies to address them. 

Upcoming Webinar

Application and Eligibility Webinar

July 6, 2022

This webinar will focus on HCO eligibility and the application process for the Delta Region Community Health Systems (DRCHSD) Program.

Upcoming Webinar

2022 Flex Program Virtual Reverse Site Visit (RSV)

July 19, 2022 to July 21, 2022

"Bridging the Future: Innovation, Adaptation, and Equity for Rural Health Care"
The 2022 Flex Program Virtual Reverse Site Visit will take place online this year and will include presentations by keynote speakers, state Flex Programs, FORHP staff, and TASC staff.

Upcoming HELP Webinar

RHC Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement

August 3, 2022

There are many terms that are used in reference to improving clinical and non-clinical outcomes in a health care facility. Quality improvement, continuous quality improvement (CQI), quality assessment, quality assurance, and performance improvement are just a few. Regardless of the term used, in today's health care landscape, primary care practice's quality-related activities are imperative to achieve the Triple Aim: 

Upcoming HELP Webinar

Improve Quality Outcomes with ACOs and 340B

August 23, 2022

Even though many covered entities (CE) act as the primary care provider, they often only claim 340B prescriptions written by their doctors in their CE locations, missing many of the prescriptions written on their patients by other prescribers. Since 1996, the Health Resources and Services Administration has allowed CEs to claim referral prescriptions if the CE is actively managing the patient's condition before and after the prescription as long as the relationship is documented in the EMR, and a contract exists with the referring provider.

Upcoming Workshop

DRCHSD 2022 Virtual Summit

September 13, 2022 to September 14, 2022

The focus of the Delta Region Community Health System's Development (DRCHSD) 2022 Summit is to address current issues, learn from peer best practices and adapt in a rapidly changing health care environment. The purpose of this event is to provide DRCHSD participating health care organizations with a collaborative learning environment to make connections, share best practices, and gather lessons learned to empower and support participating organizations. Through presentations and interactive discussions, participants will be able to improve and strengthen their organizations.