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This 5-part series aims to provide hospital and clinic leaders with tools and strategies for recruiting and retaining high-performing employees.
Understand how mid-level leaders can help their department, organization, and themselves to transition from volume to value and population health.
Explore what it means to be a strategic and systems thinker in a mid-level leadership role – and how these types of thinking can positively impact the organization’s journey to value.
Explore what collaborative leadership looks like and learn strategies for effectively leading with a collaborative approach.
Explore the change process as well as the emotional side of change. Learn specific things you can do as a leader of change to smooth the process and help others.
Understand the basics of healthcare finance for mid-level leaders and how it connects to your work.
Learn ways to hire and promote employees and develop your team’s skills and knowledge in meaningful ways.
The National Rural Health Resource Center's Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP) Technical Assistance Team partnered with evaluation subject matter expert Dr. Angie Charlet, Vice President of Training and Development at Canopy Associates to facilitatee discussions and education through a three part, web-based learning collaborative for State SHIP personnel.
The COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Campaign, updated in March 2022, supports rural community-based groups, faith-based organizations, businesses, public health agencies, schools, and health care organizations in their efforts to develop internal and external communication materials promoting COVID-19 vaccination.
This report incorporates the proceedings of the 2021 Rural Community Paramedicine Summit, as well as a list of key strategies for implementing and sustaining CP in rural communities. It also contains resources, established CP programs, and information about how state Flex Programs can support rural CP efforts.
The Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework can be used as a systems-based framework for rural hospitals to develop and support critical success factors in key areas leading to performance excellence across the organization.
The Summit was held to provide leaders with templates that improve organizational planning, strengthen actionable steps and operationalize key strategies to effectively transition to value.
Learn how one hospital expanded their primary care base to prepare for population health, and discover resources that assist providers in transitioning to value-based system.
Presenters discuss resources and funding sources, including the Small Rural Hospital Transition (SRHT) Project and the Rural Health Network Development Planning Program which have helped rural hospitals and communities address health care challenges.
This toolkit includes a survey of available resources from various governmental and non-profit organizations. It includes checklists and tools that are appropriate for all audiences, hospitals or clinics, including those in a rural setting.
Provides an overview of SHIP for new SHIP Coordinators.
This report is designed to help rural hospital and clinic leaders meet the transition to value-based payment with financial success by identifying the key financial indicators and strategies. It also highlights success stories and resources.
View week one webinar recordings and supporting materials related to a web-based learning collaborative to gain knowledge and understanding about the ways state Flex Programs can support CAHs as they transition to value-based payment and population health.
View a summary of SRHT hospital outcomes from 2014 through 2017.
A series of five webinar recordings with rural hospitals and experts guiding them through a process to use the downloadable, pre-filled templates to develop and tailor their own Balanced Scorecard (BSC) & Strategy Map. The recordings also include educational slides from our subject matter experts and facilitated hospital discussion.