The Center’s team of dedicated, talented professionals strive for ongoing excellence.
Four members of The Center's staff.

The Center’s full-time staff includes a mix of subject matter experts from a variety of fields (business, education, health care, public health), as well as educators, and other professionals who are all committed to providing the skills and support needed to improve the health of the nation’s rural communities. While some staff members are based in the Duluth area, the majority are located throughout the country — many of them in the states and communities where our services are provided.

Chief Executive Officer
Senior Advisor for Rural Health Leadership and Policy
Chief Operating Officer
Revenue Cycle Consultation Program Specialist II
Accountant II
Program Specialist
Program Coordinator II
IT Manager
Program Specialist II
Program Specialist II
Clinic Consultation Program Specialist II
Accounts Payable and Human Resources Coordinator
Workforce and Leadership Consultation Program Specialist
Program Coordinator I
Community Program Specialist
Senior Program Coordinator
Community Program Specialist II
Program Specialist
Program Specialist Team Lead
Telehealth and Outreach Program Coordinator II
Senior Community Program Specialist
Telehealth & Outreach Program Manager
Community Program Manager
Consultation Program Specialist II
Director of Population Health
Senior Program Coordinator
Program Analyst and Evaluation Specialist
Telehealth and Outreach Specialist
Consultation Program Manager
TASC and SHIP Program Manager
Community Program Coordinator II
Web Application Developer
Operations Manager
Program Coordinator
Quality Consultation Program Specialist II